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Under Armour Flagship
N/A, Harbor East, Baltimore, MD

2014 Design Award Winner - Softline Specialty Store 3,001-25,000 sf - Outstanding Merit

Activate The Space is proud to have received an A.R.E Design award for its work in the Harbor East section of Baltimore where Under Armour opened its first Brand Store and Activate The Space was asked to design and implement several of its Visual Technology solutions. From the large structure LED cube in the middle of the store to the structure MT Multi-Touch solutions, our goal was to exceed the Under Armour staff's expectations. Much like the Brand itself, the Under Armour staff is engaging, creative and cutting edge in their approach and attitude. It was our great pleasure and privilege to work on this project as their energy and enthusiasm for their company fed our creativity, challenged our technical capabilities and motivated us to deliver world class solutions for this phenomenal store.

With equal space for men’s and women’s merchandise, this new “lab” store connected to the brand’s headquarters welcomes shoppers of both genders, all ages, and all levels of athleticism. Streamlined fixtures organize a wide array of merchandise amid light, warm, wood tones punctuated by vibrant splashes of color. Shoppers can comfortably try on shoes on large leather “thrones” with custom display mounts. The airy fitting room houses custom lounge seating, niche cabinets, and electrical outlets for cell-phone charging. A large (4) Sided LED screen shows athletes in action, promotes local events, and allows customers to post Instagram photos of themselves in brand gear.

Under Armour: Cashwrap

N/A, Baltimore, MD

2014 Design Award Winner - Fixture of the Year

Activate The Space designed the Interactive Touch Screen and consulted on the integration into the cash wrap as well as the POS Screens Systems in the 2014 Fixture of the Year. Leaving shoppers with a strong brand impression as they complete transactions, the 20-foot-long cashwrap features a backlit logo reinforced by a logo icon emblazoned on the wall behind the counter. The bold statement draws customers to the purchase area and silently encourages brand loyalty. Wrapped in solid surface material, the counter is retrofitted onto a solid concrete foundation. Balancing the material is straight-grain Douglas fir custom laid in butcher block style as the cashwrap’s 14-foot-long backdrop. The oversized logo icon is featured in 3D in the same Douglas fir for a dramatic, yet clean effect. Long lines? Size out of stock? No need to lose the sale. Touchscreen technology incorporated into the cashwrap counter affords easily accessible online shopping. Positioned adjacent to the POS equipment, it allows shoppers to browse leisurely without disrupting in-store transaction processing, yet enables store associates to provide consultation and assistance to online shoppers.
Recent Trade Show
Globalshop 2014
ATS Booth Globalshop 2014

For the 3rd year in a row and the 4th overall, Activate The Space exhibited at this years Globalshop Show in Las Vegas.

The 20x40 ATS booth focused in its Integrated Technologies this year exhibiting its structure LED 3mm indoor LED displays, Digital Signage for the Mac, Background Music, Social Media and Augmented Reality Services.

These verticals form the core of the ATS retailAV approach to integrated Media Solutions for Retail Space.
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Creative TECHNOLOGY Product Highlights
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Videowall* and Screen Setup
Our new integrated videowall and screen setup functions make it easy to visualize and create unique and complex setups in no time. Working with different screen types is a breeze.
We know how to build them...
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Activate The Space has built and designed dozens of Video Walls In all shapes and sizes, Freestanding and Wall Mounted. We can handle the entire job from Electronics to Installation to Content.

Video Walls Attract, inform and Entertain and can bring any space alive in spectacular fashion. Let Activate The Space Design and Build one for you.

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Digital Signage for Mac
Now with over 5,600 installed in North America
The solution for today’s digital signage market, ~sedna presenter is a powerful tool for communicating marketing messages, advertisements, brand values, and corporate information to displays of any size and at any location. Media management and content creation go hand-and-hand to make one powerful and fully integrated software suite. All the potential of your digital signage system and your imagination combined on one easy-to-use platform.

Are your Digital Screens Anti-Social?
Crowd Convergence
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Activate The Space is excited to add Moderated Social Engagement bringing together real-time conversations and content. Our Crowd Convergence System offers products specifically designed to increase real-time social engagement for your live events, conferences or digital activations. We help you safely communicate with, entertain and educate your audience via social channels through big screens and digital surfaces. People are talking about you all over the place, all the time. We provide tools to integrate these social conversations safely and beautifully into your digital media, events and advertising.
Enhance your customer experience
Blippar Logo
Activate The Space is now a Blippar Strategic Partner and Content Development Service Provider. Instantly interact & engage with your customers for longer than with traditional media Engage with your consumers for longer Attract, retain and engage with consumers through an immersive experience. Reach out to your customers everywhere Bring the static, physical world to life whether at home, in-store or on the go. Get more accurate data on your campaigns. Easy to use dashboard to track and measure key metrics. Blippar can be used on Large LED Screens, In-Store Displays and Static Images.
Project Highlights
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Life Is Good Logo
Activate The Space is pleased to announce its latest Design/Build project that incorporates structureMT Multi-Touch Interactive, structure LED indoor LED Systems and Interactive iPads.

About The Life is good Company

The Life is good Company spreads the power of optimism and helps kids in need by donating 10 percent of its net profits to The Life is good Kids Foundation. The company with a Positive Purpose has raised over $9.5 million for kids in need to date, principally through Life is good products, the annual Life is good Festival, and community fundraising efforts. Please visit for more details and spread optimism with #PositivePurpose. Life is good® is a registered trademark of The Life is good Company.
Life is good
at Activate The Space
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BOSTON — Life is good, the lifestyle brand committed to spreading the power of optimism and donating 10% of its net profits to help kids in need, announced they are moving into their new retail location at 250 Patriot Place in Foxborough, MA on Friday Nov. 15.

Life is good is excited to move into a new space with a completely redesigned concept. The store, which features white and neutral tones to create a modern aesthetic, also includes multiple interactive technologies and a lounge area with a Life is good coffee bar.

The lounge area was specifically designed as a place for customers to be able to relax with friends and family. Customers can enjoy a multi-touch coffee table and screen, a café counter and iPads. A large LED wall, showcasing a variety of content and messaging will greet customers as they approach the front entrance. At product tables, customers can browse iPads for greater product detail and features. The multiple interactive touch points will allow for greater customization and ultimately, a richer customer in-store experience.

“With our new store opening at Patriot Place, we get to further the experience for our consumers,” said Bert Jacobs, chief executive optimist for Life is good. “We’re not just giving customers a traditional retail experience anymore – we’re serving gourmet coffee, engaging our friends with interactive content, and just inviting them to hang out with us. We’ve redesigned the entire store and tailored it to meet today’s needs.”

“We cannot wait for our guests to experience the innovation of the new Life is good location and enjoy a concept that offers far more than the traditional shopping experience,” said Patriot Place Manager Brian Earley. “Through interactive technology, Life is good at Patriot Place allows customers to enjoy and learn more about the products they are purchasing while spreading the message of optimism.”
About Us
Activate The Space designs, manufactures, sells and installs system products for Audio-Visual Display Environments. Our philosophy focuses on the impact that our Audio-Video creations have on your environment.

Our offerings have included systems for Broadcast Control Rooms, Retail Stores, Showrooms, Hotel Lobbies, Restaurants, Trade Show Booths, Special Events, Museums, Universities, Schools, Corporate Lobbies, LED Boards and Public Spaces.

We pride ourselves on our ability to Design, Create, Fabricate, Integrate, Execute and Support the right system solution or product on time and on budget.
What we do
Activate The Space has designed, fabricated and installed hundreds of AV systems from indoor LED boards and large Outdoor Headend Systems to LCD Video Walls, Multi-Touch Table and Wall Systems and everything in between from small to large.

Our 15,000 sq. ft. facility houses our Mechanical Production with CNC Metal Fabrication, Automatic Cut off, DuPont Corian Fabrication and 3D CAD Design.

We have the capabilities to do almost any project from Creative, Technical to Fabrication and then install on site and our Technical Support is second to none. Call us for your projects or product needs, you will not be disappointed. We would love to hear from you.
Contact Us
Telephone: (800) 306-0620
Fax: (860) 606-9534
Activate The Space - Headquarters
150 Commerce Drive
Canton, CT 06019

Activate The Space - NYC
226 West 37th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10036

Activate The Space - Mid Atlantic

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