AltTextTechnical Design and BuildIn-House CAD Design, Build and Field Support Services

For more than a decade, Activate The Space has designed and built some of the most iconic indoor LED systems. Pixel ranges from .83mm to 4mm in all sorts of sizes and shapes.

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Project Shown: Nike Jumpman - Los Angeles

AltText“Design is not just what it looks like and how it feels. Design is how it works.”Steve Jobs - Apple Inc.

AltTextDicipline and Execution

Dedicated to excellent design with the staff and resources needed for any project…

A reputation built on reliability…

Our OEM relationship with some of the largest manufacturers of LED products in the world is second to none. Our designs are custom to ATS as we are able to pick and choose the best components available. Our in house Mechanical design enables us to improve the technical aspects of our OEM builds and improve their ease of installation. When our systems need some attention, ATS employs several field service techs with all of the tools to get the job done...

Project Shown: 65' High Ceiling LED, Under Armour Brand House - Chicago

AltTextCAD Design

In-house Solid Works 3D and Autocad Design Engineering

Great systems are designed first then built. We have decades of experience in Mechnical Design using State of the Art software and tools.

AltTextAV Design

In-house Design for Video Display, Control and Audio Systems

Media Headend Systems with full signal routing all controlled from the cloud. ATS has designed some of the most advanced AV systems.


In-house and out of house production management

Post design fabrication experience enables ATS to have complete control of the final projects outcome from start to finish.

AltTextProject Management

Scheduling, Logistics, Resource Management

Participation in fabrication and design enable ATS Project Management to best communicate with our clients and other vendors quickly and accurately.


In-House Installation team

Execution is key to a successful project. This is where all of the planning, design and fabrication becomes real. ATS excels at installation and integration.

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