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In-House Creative Agency for Video, Stills, Motion Graphics , Interactive, Scheduling , Distribution , Consulting and much more...

We are dedicated to employing the best staff with exceptional skills and providing them the latest State of the Art systems in a Creative Environment second to none.

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Shown: Activate The Space's Creative Collaboration Room

" There is something special when creative people get together. "

Joe Magano - American Inventor and Entrepreneur

Creative is at our core…

A team that delivers every time…

Activate The Space has all of the disciplines required in-house to make your environments, engaging, thought provoking and spectacular in every way possible. Our in-house Content Design and Management Team are accustomed to making complicated and difficult to achieve visuals come to life. Our Creative Editors can take Media Content to the next level by incorporating Video, Images, Graphics, Motion Graphics as well as Live Feeds, Interactivity and Social Media to create engaging and interactive relevant Media Content to display on your systems. Our Creative Team is constantly finding new and Inventive methods to improve our systems and their visual presentation.

A multi-disciplinary team…

Brad Eisenhaure


Brad is a proud father of 2 teenagers, a dog, and three cats. He is an old school video game fan and collector and was a band member of a popular local band in Boston back in the day. You might see him and his wife cruising around town n their 1981 Delorean…yes the neat car from Back to the Future!

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Pamela Welles

VP - Creative

Pam Welles enjoys all things fresh, local and organic. She is a mom, gardener, baker, photographer and a dark chocolate lover. Pam runs, hikes, bikes and swims so she can enjoy her favorite pastime: creating and consuming great food!

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James Fiorillo

Director - Creative Services

James Fiorillo, often goes by Jamie, has a twin brother and can't quite tell whether or not he is living his own life, or his brother is living vicariously through him via their natural telepathic twin connection. Even now, he can feel his power growing stronger by the day.

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Lauren Dooman

Creative Director

Lauren was made for the warm weather and spends as much time as possible outside soaking up the sunshine. Her downtime consists of writing, designing, and creating new concoctions in the kitchen. She has a rambunctious little pup, and travels with him often.

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Cody Hendrickson

Motion Graphics , Virtual Reality

Cody Hendrickson is a rock climber and outdoor enthusiast from Hebron, Connecticut. For now, he likes to explore new places and meet new people. As he gets older, he is looking forward to long days of playing bingo and wishing those damn kids would get off his lawn.

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Dylan Adamowicz

Video, Stills ,Traffic Scheduling

Dylan Adamowicz is a passionate music lover and former DJ and has always lived his life in style surrounded by entertainment. He started off at the early age of 10 and currently is either writing/recording music of his own or tending to his pet chihuahua for some much needed affection.

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Creative Collaboration...

Built for creative people and ideas…

Outiffitted with the lastest technology including a massive 2.5mm LED wall. Activate The Space built this room for our Creative team to collaborate in a space where ideas could be shared and tested on a large format LED wall similar to many we have designed and installed for our clients. It is a place where people and ideas come together complete with a Ping Pong table to keep our competitive spirit alive and well. Designed specifically for LED wall content, no creative agency we are aware of has a facility like this specific for this purpose.

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The Creative Collaboration room at Activate The Space

Social Media

Connect with your viewers and spread word of mouth with fresh, brand-owned and user-generated social media content.

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Win and hold the attention of your employees, clients or potential customers with unlimited, visually stunning and relevant content.

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