AltTextCreative Content and ManagementCreative for Video, Stills, Motion Graphics ,VR, Scheduling and more...

We are dedicated to employing the best staff with exceptional skills and providing them the latest State of the Art systems in a Creative Environment second to none.

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Shown: Foot Locker Hollywood & Highland - Los Angeles

AltText"There is something special when creative people get together."Joe Magano - American Inventor and Entrepreneur

AltTextCreative is at our coreA team that delivers every time…

Activate The Space has all of the disciplines required in-house to make your environments, engaging, thought provoking and spectacular in every way possible. Our in-house Content Design and Management Team are accustomed to making complicated and difficult to achieve visuals come to life. Our Creative Editors can take Media Content to the next level by incorporating Video, Images, Graphics, Motion Graphics as well as Live Feeds, Interactivity and Social Media to create engaging and interactive relevant Media Content to display on your systems. Our Creative Team is constantly finding new and Inventive methods to improve our systems and their visual presentation.

A multi-disciplinary team…

AltTextLet us create and manage your content and digital signage screensBetter technology and Creative Solution Tools than any Agency or Post Production House

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Video Editing
Turn raw footage into flawless productions with ATS Creative, No matter the project, we can edit, adjust color, refine audio, and more — all in one seamless, integrated workflow. Extreme experience in odd aspect ratios for LED Screens.
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Content Scheduling
Create schedules for your content to play back on your screens. Create looped playback, time of day, duration and expiration.
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Cloud Publishing and Distribution
Once the content is aggregated and the schedules are created, ATS will deploy your production via the cloud to any connected media player throughout the world. We also can monitor playback performance to insure your content plays when and where you want it to.
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Motion Graphics & VR
Cinema 4D, the fastest 3D animation solution. Cinema 4D fits our workflow, with tight integrations to Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, CAD applications and more in addition to support for industry-standard exchange formats. Our creativity runs rampant thanks to Cinema 4D’s fluid workflow and expansive toolset.
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Compositing & Animation
Create cinematic movie titles, intros, and transitions. Start a fire or make it rain. Animate a logo or character. With After Effects CC, the industry-standard animation and creative compositing app, you can take any idea and make it move.
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Text & Title
Add text and titles to your production. Add motion to titles or text. Add visual and special effects to text & titles, integrated with or without video and photo's.

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Static Image
Add photo's to your production. Add motion to photo's Add visual and special effects to photo's, integrated with or without video and text. Color Correction, cropping and more.
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Social Media Integration
Imagine ecstatic customers or employees mentioning you in their Twitter feed on the lobby screen or your customers posts in your retail store. These are the stories that captivate and excite the crowds.
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Integrate HTMl pages and feeds into your digital signage system. ATS can create the HTML or integrate existing HTML web pages into your production or schedule.

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Win and hold the attention of your employees, clients or potential customers with unlimited, visually stunning and relevant content.

AltTextCreative CollaborationBuilt for creative people and ideas…

Outiffitted with the lastest technology including a massive 2.5mm LED wall. Activate The Space built this room for our Creative team to collaborate in a space where ideas could be shared and tested on a large format LED wall similar to many we have designed and installed for our clients. It is a place where people and ideas come together complete with a Ping Pong table to keep our competitive spirit alive and well. Designed specifically for LED wall content, no creative agency we are aware of has a facility like this specific for this purpose.

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The Creative Collaboration room at Activate The Space

Digital Signage made Social

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Project Shown: American Eagle Times Square - NYC

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