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Access your Digital Signage from anywhere, on any device, at any time…The most advanced Digital Signage Platform available. Cloud based Scheduling and Distribution, Unlimited Users, Unlimited Storage, Free Support, Unrivaled Player Choice and Transparent Pricing. Supported by Activate The Space, Powered by Signagelive.

  • Cloud Based Content Scheduling
  • Cloud Based Content Distribution
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Multi-User
  • Unlimited Users
  • Free Support
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Unrivaled Playback Hardware
  • Drag and Drop Media Interface
  • Widget Marketplace
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Content Confidence Monitoring
  • External Trigger Support
  • Live Capture with supported Media Players
  • Touch Interactive Capability
  • Custom Development through API's
  • Easy Remote Installation
  • Mix and match different Media Players on the same Network and Scheduling Portal
  • Media
    Manage your media with ease
    Upload your images and video, add web and intranet pages, include RSS feeds and IPTV streams; all tagged with metadata and ready for scheduling and publishing to your digital signage displays.

  • Layout
    Divide your screen to display multiple content zones
    Create a landscape or portrait layout with multiple zones, add your own background image or choose from the library. Include clock and weather widgets, a zone to display live TV and add a ticker to show the latest news or your own messages.

  • Schedule
    Drag and drop your media into a playlist
    Drag, drop and reorder your media to create a playlist ready for publishing to your displays. Start simple with a default playlist of media or add intelligence by setting playback based on dates, times, recurrence and tags to ensure media plays where and when you require.

  • Publish
    Decide where and when your media will play
    Select a playlist or layout, choose the players and displays you want to update, and publish for immediate playback or at a future date and time.

  • Manage
    Setup and control your users, exactly as you require
    Manage unlimited users with varying levels of access, from updating one or more templates to scheduling content groups or managing your entire network. Add and renew your Signagelive licenses with ease.

  • Monitor
    A single dashboard to provide you peace of mind
    Our intelligent device management dashboard provides you with a real-time view of the status of every device connected to your Signagelive network, e.g.: Are the screens ON? Are they playing content? Has the latest content been pushed to the screens? What are the conditions of the screens (temperature, memory, etc.).

  • Widgets
    Add dynamic weather and clock widgets to your digital signage layouts and playlists
    Our library of clocks and location aware weather widgets allows for easy customisation of your displays, regardless of what media player technology your choose.

  • Report
    Display and download reports on all aspects of your media, devices and users
    All aspects of your Signagelive network are recorded, from user audits to media playback and can be reported on and downloaded as CSV files for further analysis in third party software and tools.

  • Marketplace
    Over 500 backgrounds, templates and widgets
    The Signagelive Marketplace contains over 500 free backgrounds, editable templates and widgets for you to use with your Signagelive network and players. In addition to free content, we will showcase third-party partners content and services that work great with Signagelive.

  • Analytics
    Analyse your data to unlock actionable statistics
    Our optional Proof of Play platform collects data from every device connected to your Signagelive network. Every time a piece of content is played it is date and time stamped and recorded along with any associated metadata and player data.

  • Interact
    Add touch, sensors and mobile interaction to your digital signage displays
    Make your digital signage displays respond to local interaction. Switch from scheduled media to on-demand experiences using touchscreens, motion and light sensors, NFC/Beacon mobile interaction and many more.

  • Develop
    Build, deliver and manage your own applications
    Extend the capabilities of Signagelive using Webhooks and APIs. Build and publish custom applications and dynamic media using our enhanced widget support.

Overview Video
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As a first in a series Brad Eisenhaure, President of Activate The Space provides an overview on Signagelive including a review of Seenspire Infotainment and Social Media integrations and the Soda Click web based content creator. This video was produced in the new ATS Video Production room. With many more coming on a variety of ATS products and services.

Go to the ATS Digital Signage Store to purchase and choose options for Signagelive.
Digital Signage Markets

AltTextUnequaled Media Hardware and OS Support

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AltTextSignagelive for BrightSign
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Signagelive supports the BrightSign Series 3 digital signage media players. Our collaboration with BrightSign enables the simple management and publishing of images, videos and HTML5 content to any number of BrightSign Players centrally from your web browser using Signagelive’s cloud-based Signage management solution.

Key features include:

- Full-screen and multi-zone layout support
- Landscape and portrait support
- Offline playback of media
- Video, Images, Webpages, RSS,
- Remote updates
- Reporting
AltTextSignagelive for Mac
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For many, nothing beats the power and performance of a Mac Mini or Mac Pro for graphically intense applications. Signagelive provides support for Mac devices with an optimise client that combines the full capabilities of our digital signage platform and the reliability and capability of the Mac.

In addition, to delivering full-screen and multi-zone scheduling and playback of digital signage content, our Mac offering includes support for Magewell USB 3.0 HDMI capture devices enabling up to 4K 60fps live video to be incorporated into your Mac digital signage solution.
AltTextSignagelive for IAdea
My Image
IAdea are a non-PC digital signage device manufacturer, offering a range of HD and 4K devices and Displays with an integrated player in sizes from 10” to 24” with options for motion triggered content and multi-touch.

IAdea devices powered by Signagelive are perfect for retail and hospitality applications, with the flexibility of HTML5 content support enabling the latest in interactive applications.

The IAdea range of devices are supported by the Signagelive Standard Edition offering a very cost effective digital signage solution. Features include; HDMI input for Live TV, multi-zone support and enhanced monitoring and reporting.
AltTextSignagelive for Chrome
My Image
Signagelive for Chrome enables any Google Chromebox, Chromebase or Chromebit to becoming a digital signage player. Create, Manage and Publish content to any number of Chrome devices centrally from your web browser using Signagelive’s cloud-based Signage management solution.

Key features include:

- Full-screen and multi-zone layout support
- Landscape and portrait support
- Offline playback of media
- Video, Images, Webpages, RSS,
- Screen on/off control
- Remote updates
- Device monitoring and reporting
AltTextSignagelive for Samsung
My Image
Using their experience gained in developing SmartTV for the home user, Samsung has integrated Smart chip technology into their range of commercial displays; ranging in size from 10” to 82” depending on your needs. Signagelive has been working with Samsung HQ in Korea since the summer of 2012 to develop support for the Smart Signage Displays and we now have a solution that replicates everything we can achieve on an external Windows player running the Signagelive Standard Edition.
AltTextSignagelive for Windows
My Image
If you currently have or intend to purchase your own PC to power your digital signage solution or a PC preloaded with Signagelive from one of the many companies globally that we work with, then our Signagelive Windows Client is the choice for you.
AltTextSignagelive for LG webOS
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Signagelive for LG webOS is a complete solution to turn your webOS powered LG display into a dedicated signage media player without the need for an external PC. Create, Manage and Publish content to any number of webOS LG displays centrally from your web browser using Signagelive’s cloud-based Signage management solution.

Key features include:

- Full-screen and multi-zone layout support
- Landscape and portrait support
- Offline playback of media
- Video, Images, Webpages, RSS, HDMI input
- Screen on/off control
- Remote firmware updates (coming soon)
- Device monitoring and reporting
AltTextSignagelive for Philips
My Image
Signagelive for Philips Android SoC Displays combines the power of the Android Operating System with the flexibility of Signagelive delivering impressive price/performance. Create, Manage and Publish content to any number of Philips Android SoC Displays centrally from your web browser using Signagelive’s cloud-based Signage management solution.

Key features include:

- Full Signagelive Media Player with fullscreen and multi-zone support
- Images, Videos, HTML5 web page support
- 100% support for scheduling including; recurrence, validity and tag based publishing
- Remote application updates for inline upgrades to the Signagelive Android client
- Widget support – Over 500 Editable Templates, Clocks, Weather and Room Booking
- Web Trigger support for event driven content playback
- Offline playback of all media, layouts, widgets and editable templates