Content streaming service for digital signage

Seenspire Social media, Teams and Infotainment content feeds to keep your viewers informed, engaged and inspired.
In 2011. Everyone was turning focus to mobile devices and looking past the opportunity to do more with the public screens in places where people work, wait and buy. Seenspire was founded as a creative agency with a goal to help companies tell their brand stories through digital signage. Collaborating with international clients and partners on content, we learned that digital signage for internal communication wasn’t as impactful as it should be. Inspired by TV broadcast scheduling
we realized that attention had to be drawn to company content with a diverse and attractive playlist for the viewer in the modern workplace. Since 2017, Seenspire has grown from an Agency to a full-fledged tech company, but our mission is unchanged: Seenspire’s unlimited content subscription service for digital signage helps its users create awareness for their screens and drive attention to the message that matters most. Call Activate The Space to learn more.

Social Media Content

Socialize your signage

Grow your brand’s community. Leverage pre-approved posts to connect viewers with brand-owned or relevant user-generated content. All sourced, curated and visualized from the world’s major social networks.



Inform your audience

Information empowers us and no employee should feel left out. Use Infotainment feeds to inform and entertain, with the added benefit of building an attractive content playlist through content variety.



Enable employee-generated content for digital signage

Source employee-generated content from internal communication tools you already use to incentivise collaboration, increase participation, and make company culture visible.

Supported Digital Signage Software

We Create Experiences

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Activate The Space is one of the Pre-Eminent AV Environment design companies for the past 15 years. Consultation and Education is the cornerstone of our Audio Visual Design / Build approach. Our job is to listen to your needs, learn about your culture and goals and then work with you on what is possible? For Activate The Space, the consultation process is where Creative Ideas meet Technology Realities and where Problems are turned into Solutions.

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