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AV Control System

Designed by Activate The Space, powered by Kramer...

AV Control Architecture Reimagined…

Control from Anywhere, Any Time, with Any Device…
Dynamic touch screen system allows personalization including IOS and Android tablets and phones Device management - Adjustable settings with a multi-page infrastructure - High performance and reliability - Comprehensive room automation functionality - Forget about traveling for troublesome installs, adjust, update, and activate in-store.
All touchpoints connected with the Cloud…
Distributed Architecture…
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Get connected with Core Control and master the ins- and-outs of your digital signage and audio visual system. Core Control is an essential element in your commercial space, and is the best option for audio and video control. Manage your content in-store or off-site and make adjustments on the fly to provide the optimum environment for your audience.

Core Control is a cloud based system that is powered by Kramer AV, in which a touch screen tablet with a multi-page interface lets you take control of your AV Media Systems.
A System That Meets Your Needs…
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By taking “AV Beyond the Box”, Kramer technology offers specialized componenets so that we can build custom solutions tailored to your specific challenge.
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Our distributed architecture is built in a flat topology in which all Smart Units are hierarchically equal. Unlike legacy architectures, in which a single master processor unit controls several slave units, our Smart Units are stand-alone.
Cloud Based Hyper-Intelligent…
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Innovation that cuts down on hardware, eliminates the need for custom programming, and gathers organizational data to deliver cloud based analytics on-demand. Cloud supported control include; audio, HVAC, power, lighting, shades, and video.
Integrated with Signagelive…
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Control your Signagelive Playlists via Core Control. Trigger your Media to playback on cue for Live Events or change you playlists to keep your environment fresh and active.

All programmed from the cloud regardless of which Media Player Hardware you choose for your Signagelive Digital Signage System.
Integrated with Bose Professional…
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Control your Multi-Zone Audio System in your Retail Store via Core Control. Change Volume via audio faders in each zone. Change the setup to include Microphones in an event space and control its volume and routing to anywhere in your store. All controlled from a dedicated touch-pad or from your Mobile Device or Tablet.
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AV Systems Currently Supported…
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Many, many more brands being added…

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