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Cut.. Clip.. Trim.. Re-Touch.. Re-Size.. Text.. Graphics.. Rotate.. Compress.. Publish..
The Activate The Space Creative Team make difficult jobs look easy. We excel at odd aspect ratios common in Indoor and Outdoor LED Screens. This skill requirement pushes us to use the most advanced systems to edit and produce content no matter the size required.

Our team has decades of experience in managing both long format and short format media. Our clients installations challenge us to often make a square peg fit in round hole. We have invested in state of the art tools and systems to both edit and manage the workflow from approval stages to final distribution through our (2) Fiber based Network Operation systems in New York and Connecticut.

Most importantly beyond all of the technology we have, is our staff's ability to follow and enhance the vision of the Brands content to be displayed in their Retail Locations or Outdoor LED screens, This ability is solely born out of a dedicated experienced background of people who understand how important media is to our whole operation and that of our clients.

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