Media Headend Systems

AltTextMedia Management SystemsSystems for Outdoor LED Walls in Times Square to Retail Stores

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Shown: Clear Channel Times Square - Outdoor LED Media Headend System by Activate The Space

AltTextMedia Management SystemsFor more than 13 years, ATS has designed and integrated some of the most advanced Media Systems for Digital Signage from Times Square in NYC to around the world.

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Access your Digital Signage from anywhere, on any device, at any timeā€¦

Brandcast is a System Solution provided by Activate The Space that can include Software, Hardware and Services. Announcing the most advanced Digital Signage Platform available.

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Media Player Hardware Supported: Apple, Brightsign, IAdea, Intel, LG, Samsung

AltTextAV Design

Design for Display, Control and Audio


Cloud Based Digital Signage Software

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AltTextMedia Players

Multiple Choices of Hardware

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AltTextSignal Processing

Scaling - Routing - Capture

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AltTextAudio Systems

Multi Zone Touch Controlled Audio

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AltTextPower Control

Remote Controlled IP Based Power Management

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AltTextCore Control

AV Control of Video and Audio

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AltTextLED Processors

LED Sending and Receiving Systems

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Important Facet of AV Design

AltTextNetwork Systems

Switches and Routers

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