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Professional Audio

The finest Multi Zone Audio Systems for Retail Environments...

Premium Audio That Speaks Volumes…

Don’t Just Be Seen, Be Heard…
Exceptional audio quality - Independent volume control - choose simple background music or zone controlled areas - Integrated audio sources include iPod, MP3, TV sound, wireless mics, and external inputs for guest DJ’s - Can be used for retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and more.
Experience matters…
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With over 80 years of experience combined, our audio experts have worked for some of the biggest names in pro audio including Euphonix, Neve, Solid State Logic, Lexicon, and Fairlight.

We take this knowledge and design audio systems that are easy to use and sound great. For a more customized solution, our team will work with you to find the best option for your use case.
Products that make a difference…
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Professional sound systems demand an uncommon expertise and specialized products. For more than 40 years, Bose Professional has developed innovative loudspeakers, electronics and software to meet the needs of demanding professional audio applications.

Bose products are sold only through authorized pro-audio dealers, AV-system integrators and distributors. Bose provides substantial support to their distribution network, including product technical information, system design support and after-sale support.

Bose sound is found throughout the world in performing arts centers, theaters, houses of worship, stadiums, restaurants, retail stores, corporate buildings and hospitality establishments.
New EdgeMax Speakers…
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Bose Professional EdgeMax™ in-ceiling premium loudspeakers feature proprietary Bose PhaseGuide® technology with high-frequency compression drivers to create a new category that combines the room-filling coverage patterns typical of larger surface-mount speakers with the architect-preferred aesthetics of in-ceiling models.

Designed to mount near wall-ceiling boundaries, EdgeMax™ loudspeakers provide improved audio quality and coverage, while reducing the number of required units, compared to conventional dome-tweeter ceiling speakers.
Advanced sound processing…
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  • The Bose® ControlSpace® SP-24 sound processor makes optimizing 2x4 installed and portable sound systems easy. Use the purposefully simple front panel interface for basic operations, or the intuitive SP-24 Editor software for full access to all signal processing settings.

  • Real-time control, and the ability to program and store custom scenes with the easy-to-use SP-24 Editor software

  • SP-24 Editor software provides complete access to all signal processing functions including custom channel routing, input and output 9-band dual equalization, band pass filters, delays, peak limiter, gain and signal polarity for full system control

  • Simplified front panel LCD menus and controls are purposely designed to make it easier to select preprogrammed scenes, gain and delay parameters, or quickly access Bose® loudspeaker presets

  • USB port enables plug-and-play PC access for system configuration, programming, signal level monitoring and firmware updates using the SP-24 Editor software

  • Extensive Bose professional loudspeaker library enables quick access to factory-created equalization curves while the SP-24 Editor software provides intuitive graphical tools for optimizing any passive or powered loudspeaker

  • XLR inputs (2) and outputs (4) for balanced connectivity to professional audio gear

  • Signal and clip LED indicators show the signal status of the input channels

  • Front panel lockout feature prevents unauthorized use
Cloud based Control
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Get connected with ATS Core Control and master the ins- and-outs of your digital signage and audio visual system. Core Control is an essential element in your commercial space, and is the best option for audio and video control.

Manage your content in-store or off-site and make adjustments on the fly to provide the optimum environment for your audience. Core Control is a cloud based system that is powered by Kramer AV, in which a touch screen tablet with a multi-page interface lets you take control of your AV Media Systems.
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Our distributed architecture is built in a flat topology in which all Smart Units are hierarchically equal. Unlike legacy architectures, in which a single master processor unit controls several slave units, our Smart Units are stand-alone. Data is communicated between Smart Units automatically, eliminating the need to program a dedicated path. Innovation that cuts down on hardware, eliminates the need for custom programming, and gathers organizational data to deliver cloud based analytics on-demand. Cloud supported control include; audio, HVAC, power, lighting, shades, and video.
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